Perseverance is the Most Important Thing for Your Success

“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting”

– Walt Disney –

Success is something which is chased by many people. It has a different definition for each person. One person defines success as having a certain amount of money, the other person defines it as having a social organization which helps many people. But the most important thing to achieve all of that is perseverance.

The road which a person must go to achieve success is often not straight forward. It has its curves and hurdles. Most often there are many of them littered throughout the road which we must take if we want to achieve success.

It is also usual that the road is long, not a short one which makes us can reach the end of it in a short period of time. Most often that it requires months, years, or even decades of a person’s life to go through that road. No one can know for sure the time which is needed to arrive in the destination of success.

Those curves, hurdles, and length of the road makes most people tired when going through that road to their own success. That tiredness makes those people want to quit during their journey. They are not sure whether it is something which they should do and they get bored waiting for their much  effort to bring the results they want. There are also people who even do not want to begin the journey in this road, who don’t move from their starting point, because they do not have enough desire to go through it to begin the journey.

But to few who are strong enough to make the journey, always move forward, overcome all of the curves and hurdles which are given to them, and know that only the hardest and best effort from them everyday is the sure thing which can make them arrive at their destination, eventually they will achieve what they look for in life.

And that is their success.

Now, what is needed to be strong enough, have the strength to go all the way until the finish line?

It is the factor which is called perseverance.

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance of the highest order is the ability to get back up again when things seem to fail all over the place. It’s the desire and effort to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way.

Intelligence, talent, and network can help you but only to a certain degree. Anything will only happen if there is someone who purposely does the effort until it comes true. Perseverance without those things can also succeed, although it probably can takes a longer time but eventually you will get there.

It is something which is actually can be applied in things that we want to achieve in our life, even small things.

Driving a Car Example

Consider the example when you want to have the ability to drive a car. Remember the very first time you want to learn how to do it. At first, it might seem very hard for you. The steering wheel seems hard to control and the car does not go to the place you want to go, the brake which you need to control during your drive, the how to park thing in which you need to put your car in the correct place. All of them seem to be something which can be daunting for a person who just begins to learn to drive a car.

And yet with your perseverance, you can do it. You chose to keep trying to learn even though it is probably hard for you at first to do, even probably you have hit a thing or two during your quest to learn. Eventually, you can drive a car on your own even do it unsubconciously as you master it. It feels effortless.

You struggle at first.

But you learn and you practice until you can do it.

That is called perseverance. Now, you just have to implement it when you want to chase and achieve your dream in your life. Do not procrastinate, keep moving forward, and overcome any hurdles which come between you and your success as your destination.

Can you do it? Do you have the perseverance needed to do it?

That is the question which you must answer if you want to achieve success.


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