Keep the Wind at Your Back


Several months ago, I took my golden retriever on his customary walk. The wind was blowing pretty hard and I found myself leaning forward a little and planting my steps deliberately in order to keep moving. This headwind made every step a chore and even breathing was difficult. Determined to continue our walk, I put my head down and trudged forward.

Finally we reached the half way point and began circling round back to our home. Amazing! Suddenly, with the wind at our backs, everything became easier. My dog and I walked along briskly with perfect ease. I was able to raise my head and enjoy the passing scenery with pleasure. What a difference!

We have something in life which creates a similar effect. It’s procrastination. When we put off important tasks, our unfulfilled responsibilities tend to build and build until, like a headwind, they hamper our ability to function. Unfinished tasks are always on our mind. Worry and stress dog our steps and inhibit our creativity.

But, when we learn to stop procrastinating, when we plan out important tasks and get them done on time, all of those completed tasks are like the wind at our backs, helping to propel us forward. Our mind is clearer, our creativity flows, our stress is minimized, and everything seems easier.

Success Tip: Stop the headwind of procrastination by planning out important tasks, staying on schedule and getting them done on time.