Invest in You!


Years ago, I recruited a young woman named Sara to be a sales consultant.  She had recently moved from Minnesota, so she didn’t know a lot of people.  But, she had a pleasant personality and a lot of charisma.  We soon learned that Sara had no trouble getting appointments, but she closed few sales.  Her natural affinity for people made it easy for her to connect with them, but she quickly backed off if they had a question or concern.  As a result, she was making very little money.  I recommended Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale audio, which at the time was a $100 investment.  That’s a lot to cough up when you’re struggling already.  But she got it and began to listen and learn.  She discovered ways to resolve the customer’s concerns and help them to enjoy the benefits of the product. As a result Sara got motivated and her sales began to climb.  In 30 days, she had beat the previous month’s sales by over $2000 and earned an extra $350.

Wow!  That’s a pretty good return to turn a $100 investment into $350 in just 30 days, a return of over 300%.  Try to get that kind of return in any other investment.

Here’s another example.

Dennis knew just about everything there was to know about his product.  He was totally convinced that the customer would be crazy not to invest in his product. He was skilled at answering questions and resolving concerns.  He just didn’t have very good people skills.  As a result he had few appointments. He began listening to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People while he drove around in his car.  He also purchased a memory building program to help him remember people’s names. Without warning, Dennis began to get excited again and his sales skyrocketed. Not only did he have more appointments, but his closing average improved even more.  His initial $70 investment in himself yielded an extra $2800 in sales and nearly $500 in extra income that month, a return of over 600%.  But the return didn’t stop there.  His performance continued to improve over the long term.  In short, Dennis’ small investment in personal development continues to pay dividends in his life even today.

Self-improvement training not only pays financial dividends, it can help to improve your relationships, boost your confidence, reduce fear, hone your skills, and increase your health and happiness.  Every dollar you spend on personal development comes back to you many fold with ever-increasing returns year in and year out.

Success Tip: What is the best investment you can make?  It’s not an investment in stocks or bonds or gold.  It’s an investment in you.  Don’t wait to get started.  The life you dream about is waiting for you to take action now.