Fulcrum Principle


No doubt that everyone of us wants to excel in life and prosper. However, to really grow in life we need to learn the Fulcrum principle and apply it. This is a principle that can be used to elevate our performance in life which in turn will make our lives more prosperous.  This is what Bubble Planner calls the Fulcrum Principle.

A Fulcrum is the support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns in moving a body (see Fulcrum – wikipedia.) In other words, it is the pivot point for a lever. So if you want to lift or move a big or heavy object, then we may use a lever to do so. And the one point where the lever should rest on to be able to lift the object is called fulcrum. Hence, determining the location of the fulcrum is crucial for the success in moving or lifting the object.

Relating this issue to our lives, it is essential to pinpoint our fulcrum. According to Bubble Planner the fulcrum is a where three main factors coincide: Knowledge, Skills and ability. The resources (levers) that we use are dependent on these three factors. To have more leverage we must have more of them.

Knowledge is relevant data. So the more relevant data you have about your situation, the more knowledgeable you are about the subject.   Skills are the applied knowledge or the practical practice of the knowledge. And ability is the capacity to perform. Deficiency in any of these three factors will limit the level of effectiveness. A decision maker needs to have enough knowledge about the subject at hand, knows the techniques to be used in the process, and has enough resources and authority to take actions. Hence to elevate our performance we need to acquire one or more of these factors. Doing so will move our fulcrum from its current location to a newer location where it will be the reason for our prosperity.

To apply The Fulcrum Principle, do the following:

  1. assess where you are.
  2. determine what information you need to acquire.
  3. find out how to apply the information to your specific situations.
  4. practice applying the know how; thereby, improving your capability.

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